Availability for discussion and collaboration

‘Discussion’ refers to examining the topic thoroughly to reach a conclusion. Collectively, it is called Group discussion which means the exchange of ideas by participating candidates on a specific subject or topic. The whole concept is to bring collectively a unit of people on a common platform to share their ideas. http://targetstudy.com/articles/importance-of-group-discussion.html

‘Collaboration’ is all about bringing people together from different departments, locations, and teams, then focusing their efforts on a common goal. https://blog.jostle.me/blog/6-collaboration-skills-and-how-to-foster-them.

The availability for discussion and collaboration, therefore, means to be open to discuss and to collaborate with others to reach a common view on different topics and objectives, by being mentally flexible and open to other people’s opinions and considerations.



Name of the activity: 
Scavenger hunt

The aim of the activity:
A team building activity outdoors that inspires collaboration, problem solving, teamwork, and it is fun. 

Skills that the activity develops 
Discussion and collaboration

How many people the activity is suited for:

Time requirement of the activity:
60-90 minutes 

How many instructors are needed?
1 who will ensure fairness in the game

Other requirements for the activity (space, equipment…):
Any type of space

Describe the activity in a clear and concise manner:
Create a list of activities and align them with the purpose of the hunt. If you want new employees to connect with senior employees, design team-focused activities that will force them to collaborate. Assign a point system for each activity, based on the difficulty level. Divide the group into equally sized teams. Once the time is up, evaluate which team completed the most activities and has the highest points.


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