The CREW – Creativity, Resilience, Empowerment for Work – is a two-year project with the main objective to enhance knowledge of the low qualified persons through 4 innovative training modules and support of the adult educators.


Isabel Benito

The women who have participated in the training are women survivors of gender-based violence and have difficulties with the use of their social skills. The course has helped them to work as a team and develop their social and professional skills and thus achieve autonomy and benefits for job placement. Thanks to the interviews and activities carried out, their self-esteem has improved and they have also empowered themselves as women. They have felt very well and it will serve them for a future job placement. Thank you

Mina Bakavelou

Mina Bakavelou is a mother of 1, from Thessaloniki, Greece, living for the past 4 years in Pafos, Cyprus. 

She loves nature and animals and she has 2 dogs. 

She is working as a Liaison Officer at Neapolis University Pafos. 

She likes to learn new things and improve her skills and qualifications.

“ I feel that is encouraged me to maximise my strengths and minimise my weaknesses concerning key competences and skills.

In my opinion there is always a need for widening knowledge, developing methodology and renewing the approach about labor market needs. This tool is motivate and inspire me with aim to spread the meaning of self-development, self awareness and the level of appropriateness for becoming part of labour market.”

Sabrina Chiodini

I am Sabrina Chiodini and I collaborate with Master School 2000 a VET provider since 1988 in Umbria Region in Italy. I am in charge of the management, monitoring, tutoring of its training courses funded by ESF, mainly for the upskilling of unemployed, disadvantaged people and for reskilling employees of several companies. I was introduced to the Erasmus + CREW project through a peer evaluation of the project intellectual outputs and I then participated to the multiplier event organised by Tatics in Perugia. I believe that CREW career management method and self-evaluation questionnaire could be easily transferable to Master School 2000 training path. Moreover, CREW tools could improve the involvement of youth to their first experience in the job search.