Basic software and communication tools

The basic software and computer programs allowing the execution of the majority of common tasks for computer users can be split into two groups: free software and paid one. We would like to emphasize free software, however paid and licensed products have their own advantages, for example support and a wider range of additional tools and possibilities. Most paid license software also provides limited, but free versions of it, unusually for personal use. 

To make it simple, we prepared a list of most common tasks that can be solved by using either free or paid software. This list is also covering most of the tools that are usually required by the employers.  

We also share the links to alternative tools online, as many of the tasks can be solved using cloud based solutions, especially as the digital evolution is rapidly moving towards cloud based computing. Personal devices are becoming more like terminals to access the remote and powerful machines and display the results. Note that the majority of the tools and programs have their own alternative versions in smartphone devices and are available to download in app stores. 

A list of basic free and pad software


We will dive deeper into certain basic tools and software in further chapters.