Interactive games and apps

DUOLINGO helps you learn a foreign language.

STUDYBLUE is a mobile study buddy designed to help you “conquer your course” using flashcards, notes, study guides, and more.

Freckle Rich with content-aligned assessments, printable worksheets, and progress analytics.

TYPINGCLUB Gamified, data-driven activities help mastery of keyboarding skills.

SEESAW: THE LEARNING JOURNAL A powerful multimedia learning and communication tool. 

TED spread of intriguing or inspirational thoughts, usually in videos of 18 minutes or less

YOUTUBE Type the words “how to” into the app’s search bar and you’ll find everything 

QUIZLET Flexible study aid supports learning at home, at school, and on the go

Learn Cryptic Crosswords Cryptic crosswords aren’t so cryptic once you start to learn some of the methods for solving them. This app does a really good job of explaining how to tackle puzzles, testing you with exercises. 

ELEVATE: BRAIN TRAINING Self-isolation doesn’t have to mean stagnation. Brain training apps such as Elevate are designed to keep your wits sharp with short daily exercises that test your memory, maths and other skills.

KHAN ACADEMY a global classroom. Courses on maths, computing, science and economics through to arts and humanities, with a blend of videos, articles and quizzes to test your learning.

SKILLSHARE drawing, photography, graphic design and other creative disciplines

COURSERA offers programming, art and design, sciences and business and other subjects across 3,500 online-learning courses, complete with video lectures and instructors, with fellows to chat to. 

Google Arts and Culture virtual tours of more than 2,000 “cultural institutions” around the world, using photos, videos and virtual reality

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