Objectives and purpose of IO1

The internet became a commodity in the XXI century, almost the same as oil, grain or sugar. It’s the main ingredient for services to exist in many sectors, such as finances, health, marketing, entertainment, education. The internet is a kind of a raw material or a framework itself, which is employed as a building material for a variety of other services and ecosystems, evolving around it.

As digital and online tools evolve rapidly, merge together and produce an even wider range of services and innovative products, while the devices used in everyday personal and public activities become faster, widely adopted and connected, the digital literacy skills become essential in career building and successful competition in a labour market. The constant development of skills, meaningful and purposeful engagement in the digital world, ability to consume, evaluate and create the information over the internet, at the same time staying secure and resilient against fake and low quality information – all of it is of no less importance.

Highly skilled and versatile people, able to quickly adapt to ever changing conditions, especially in a digitized world, are most valued by employees. Being able to use a keyboard and a mouse, possessing a certain degree and knowledge is no longer considered as an advantage, people are required to have a very wide range of basic and a set of specialised digital skills as well as the ability to acquire new ones at a very fast pace.

Therefore, the aim of this course is to help extend the basic skills already possessed by individuals improving their overall digital literacy skills and empower them for further development, while helping people with lower technical skills to fight their anxiety in digital skills improvement. This course is targeted to less proficient adult learners, helping them to become more involved in the society and labour market, as well as educators, organisations and institutions organizing learning courses, involved in teaching and training of digital literacy and related subjects, that can benefit by using our courses for their educational purposes.