Job search, the hidden jobs market & networking

One of the tasks that every person must face if you want to find a job is to look for it. It seems obvious to say it, but looking for a job is a homework, it’s a job; hence the talk of “the work of search for a job”. The job search takes time, effort, contacts and organization.

The labor market is a specific market that is made up of two main variables:

  • –  The offer. It is made up of the group of workers who offer their work for a salary.
  • –  The demand. The demand is made up of all vacancies, which are offered by companies to workers.

As we have seen in the previous contents, the person looking for a job must know and plan all the process, otherwise you will lose time and opportunities. Must take a feature review personal and professional skills and knowledge. So:

  1. The personal qualities that can make you desirable in the world of work. It is important to own confidence in himself, his motivation, enthusiasm for work, etc.
  2. Professional skills. Titles that he/she has, courses, languages, computer skills …
  3.  The working conditions. We have to observe what conditions they can offer us and which we are willing to accept: shifts, possibility of traveling, salary …

Once these characteristics are defined, it is time to set a professional goal that is achievable and credible and plan the job search process.

For the job search to be effective, it must be active. The job seeker must plan a method to follow and make an inventory of what he/she needs: 

  1. A file of companies in which it will be noted those that have been visited, those that are going to be visited, the results obtained and the convenience or not of insisting on the demand. 
  2. A street map and / or map of the city.
  3. An agenda in which you plan the activities to be carried out.
  4. A computer to write the CVs and applications to be submitted.

The method to follow will depend on the urgency we have when looking for a job, on the media we have, the possibility of moving around, how selective we are in terms of the type of company in which we want to work. Some of them would be:

1. Self-candidacy. It consists of choosing the companies in which you would prefer to work and offering them your services. This method requires qualities such as initiative, assertiveness, and high self-esteem. The form of presentation can be:

  • –  Personal. The candidate goes to the company and requests to speak with the person responsible for the selection of personnel
  • –  Telephone. This system is faster but has the disadvantage of being colder and that it usually be difficult to speak directly with the person in charge of the personnel.
  • –  By mail. It consists of sending letters by mail requesting that our application be considered for future recruitment.
  • –  By Internet. The sending of the cover letter and the curriculum vitae is being extended by email.

2. Respond to job advertisements in the press. Following the indications of announcement, we will send our curriculum vitae by post or email.

3. Self-advertise in the press, bulletin boards, magazines … It is convenient to indicate the activity we want to do and the time availability and also very essential to indicate a phone number contact.

4. Registration for a public job offer. Access to the public function is done through oppositions, generally. The calls are published in the official bulletins. Another way to find out is in academies specialized in the preparation of oppositions.

5. Registration in the Employment Offices, Temporary Employment Agencies, unions, associations, businesses and in organizations and companies that have job boards.